The Grand Collection

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The Grand Collection

The House of RHO - The Grand Collection

"The one way for us to become great, perhaps inimitable, is by imitating the ancients."

(J.J. Winckelmann)

A symphony of unique items, symbols of manufacturing art: The Grand Collection represents the synthesis of the principles underpinning the typical philosophy of The House of Rho. A journey through the archetypes of the classical and its value in the contemporary world. A collection arising from the combination of meticulous design, careful choice of materials, and faultless workmanship most of all.
It is available exclusively to-the-trade through the design industry professionals from all over the world.

the house of rho the grand collection of the finest furniture made in italy?v=1604609873
the house of rho high end boiserie and wall panelling?v=1604609873
the house of rho jacquard velvets made on antique looms?v=1604609873
the house of rho an important louis xvi sofa hand carved and gilded?v=1604609873
the house of rho the napoleon table showing emperors?v=1604609873
the house of rho fine art?v=1604609873