Sinfonie Classiche in

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Sinfonie Classiche in Villa

the house of rho gilded atmospheres of the neoclassic style?v=1604609872
the house of rho italian neoclassic finess on the lake?v=1604609872
the house of rho high italian style?v=1604609872

Italian Renaissance in the halls of a noble villa.

An aristocratic residence, a Villa of Delight, surrounded by a superb park, full of history and literary references, anecdotes and rarities. The historicity of this magnificent mansion is getting ready to receive a symphony of classical items directly from the new collection, a demonstration of the ongoing aesthetic evolution and product innovation.
A hymn to splendour, a song of glory ready to delight your senses and leave you once more astonished by the wonders with The House of Rho signature.

The House of RHO - Sinfonie Classiche in Villa