The Finest Craftsmanship

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The Finest Craftsmanship

The finest Italian craftsmanship
the house of rho fine furniture conceived designed and made in italy
Mastering great cabinet makers and marquetry cutters ancients techniques
the house of rho the best artisanal techniques applied to the finest of the classic furniutre
the house of rho carving still hand made at out workshops in italy
the house of rho the best materials joined to the best craftsmanship
the house of rho gold and silver made in leaf both in metal and 24 karats

Each product in our collection aims for perfection, the only artisanal perfection one can aspire to. Handcraft production has always been one of our strengths: the furniture is conceived and manufactured with great attention to detail, because we are certain that any minimum detail, though not perceptible to the eye, helps create a totality of harmony and perfection in the final result. Form the choice of the finest materials to the finishing, each design phase is boosted by our passion, by the expertise and skill we have been enriched by over the years, with the aim of creating fully-fledged works of art worthy of being handed down.

"Fine art is that in which the hand, the head, and the heart of man go together."

(John Ruskin)

Our craftsmen at work.